Teapot Wars

Only you can save mankind?

The year is 2743, mankind has been destroyed by rampaging monkeys, and all that remains are their intelligent robotic hot-beverage distribution systems. Now they must battle to find a leader. Or something... *COUGH*

“Teapot Wars is the coolest game I have ever played” - Anon

Okay, so there is no cheesy story behind Teapot Wars. The idea is simple: you are a teapot. Your friend is a teapot. You must kill each other. There are a variety of powerups available on the map to make your job easier (or harder). Shields can give you the edge you need, or maybe you'd prefer to ram your enemy while travelling at hyperspace speeds with double your mass. You're going to have to use whatever you can to take the other player down and come out on top.

All this rhetoric is making me sick, so I'll stop now. Get Teapot Wars, play it, it's cool. - Phil


Cheers to SourceForge for hosting us, you rock.